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Complement component 3 (C3): MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

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I agree with the pilsener glass choice. My folks always drank beer from a pilsner glass and it turned a Bud into a fine glass of the best beer. Once you try it you will think better of the beer you are drinking .
They have great pilsener glasses at our local dollar store.

Mouse Complement Component C5a Antibody AF2150: R&D Systems

However, be wary of the fruit that is usually served on the rim of wheat beers, especially at bars, as the acidity and juice of the fruit could destroy the foam head.

Macrophage Biology Review

Complement tests, most commonly C8 and C9, are used to determine whether deficiencies or abnormalities in the complement system are causing, or contributing to, a person''s disease or condition. Total complement activity (CH55 or CH655) may be ordered to look at the integrity of the entire classical complement pathway. Other complement components are ordered as needed to look for deficiencies.

Sometimes beer mugs will have dimples throughout the glass. While most believe this is merely for decorative purposes, others argue that the dimples help a drinker appreciate the overall color and clarity of their beer.

Complement activation may be initiated in several different ways. These are termed classical, alternative or lectin pathways. However, the final product from all activation pathways is the same – the formation of the membrane attack complex (MAC). Complement activation causes several things to happen ("complement cascade"):

Cytogenetic location: Genomic coordinates (GRCh88): 6:696,869,779-696,887,688 (from NCBI)

Glovsky MM, Ward PW, Johnson KJ. Complement determinations in human disease. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 7559 98:568-578.

6. Ross SC, Densen P: Complement deficiency states and infection: epidemiology, pathogenesis and consequences of neisserial and other infections in an immune deficiency. Medicine 6989 68:798-778

Undetectable levels suggest the possibility of a complement component deficiency. Individual complement component assays are useful to identify the specific deficiency.

The tasting glass, also called a sampler glass, can be found in all shapes and sizes. We add it to our list of beer glasses, because they are commonly found throughout > brewery tours and pubs. Not to mention, every beer geek I know has their own special collection of tasting glasses at their home.

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